Higher Ed

                  I have secrets now
                  I will never tell

                  You can
                  tie me down
                   smother me in hugs
                    pepper me with kisses
                     and I will stand firmly
                  against your dancing nibbles.
                  dancing ear to ear
                    titillating my sex senses

                  Unravel my rope
                 pore me over with passion
                        until I spill out
                    cupping your breast
                 half full of the milk

                     Strip off your clothes
                        tease me out slowly
                           unbutton my blues
                         and blow in my blank
                       and I'll stay unbending
                          But watch my tail wag
                              when you wag yours

                      Bare me your juicy fruits
                   unzip your lips
                   so I can see your inside out
                    where nothing can hide you
                    or how you shape and bake
                          the poet you crave

                          Squeeze my dough
                  as we're bucking naked
                both robbing and ripping
               down each others defenses
                   to reach Australia

                  But I won't say uncle
                  or knuckle under
                                  (Insert Eduardo